About Us

Ana Garcia
Creative Designer


After years of experience in the fashion business industry, three artisans from three distinct areas decided to converge their visions to create their own story: to make the kind of shoes that they wanted to wear.

Paired with a refined eye for luxury materials and style, the perfect triad offers a rich history of expertise in shoe making, jewelry design and product design, which has launched them into an adventure with just enough passion and brains to present the world with a brand that exudes a profound sense of voguishness, intimately connected to visual arts and the musical scene.

Together with the experience of dealing with jewelry, NO STUDIO creates bold and sexy shoes, aiming to challenge fashion conventions by hybridizing shapes, functions and styles, result of an architectural vision that considers shape, fit and proportion.

A sensual elegance that kindles dreams, igniting the desire of the sophisticated lady and the audacious gentleman, setting the dirty minds on fire, with a touch of romanticism!